There’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Whether you’re just starting down this rabbit hole or you’ve been burrowing in it for a while, we’re here to help. Here are some of the FAQs about Noke Van Co. and van life in general.

Yes! We’re working on multiple options for financing both the van and the build…

We’ll ask for a $5,000 retainer to hold a build start date. Then we’ll jump in and get your chassis preference, understand your vision and style preferences, and then we start the build! We are currently taking orders for early 2023 start dates.

That’s a great question! You’ll have to ask Justin about it…you can check out some general information here.

We get it…this is like jumping in to the deep end of the pool. While we don’t currently have rental models available, it is part of our plan to have a fleet. Stay tuned for more details!

Yes! And we like how you roll! We offer all of our models in a “+” configuration as an upgraded starting point. Depending on how many other cool things you want, we’ll either get it and install it, or find someone who can.

Let’s talk. While current demand doesn’t allow us much space for fully custom layouts, we don’t like to say “no” to our clients. Hit us up with your ideas and we’ll shoot you straight. If we can do it, we will. If not, we’ll help you find someone who can.

You can find out all the vehicle details by visiting the RAM website, or several other sites that have reviews, dimensions, and other general info.

Uhmmm…that depends. If you’re over 6’1” or so, you may have to watch your head at times. If you’re a female over 5’-10”, heels are probably not a good idea. In the van. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. The best option is to come see one in person and find out!

Starting with the $5,000 retainer to hold your build date. Depending on your choice of financing, we will customize a payment schedule that begins on the build start date.

Of course! We love seeing clients pick up their vans in person, since we can walk you through everything. But we can also ship your van to you directly. We may even do it in person.

We’ll talk about this in detail. When we start Step 2 (Vision & Design). It’s likely the base power setup will be plenty. Adding A/C changes that calculus, but most everything else can be easily accommodated in your standard setup.

Heat and A/C can be great options, especially if you plan to use the van year-round. Heaters are pretty easy. A/C is little more complicated, simply because of the step up in power draw. It’s very doable, just requires an upgrade.

Solar can definitely be added to any of our models. It’s a great way to increase your power supply in a super eco-friendly way. We can go over all the details during design.

We typically do not stock finished vans. We have our original Noke Van on site, and we can arrange a test drive or tour of the vehicle if you call and ask nicely!

Yes, just give us a heads up if you want to come by so we can show you around.

Yes! We put a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on all of our work against defective craftsmanship. You can see more details and the fine print on The Warranty page.

Sure, lets talk about what you have. Noke Van Co. is a Virginia licensed dealer so we can help you locate a van or you can bring your own. Just shoot us a line and see what we can come up with.

Yes! All of our factory upgrades can also be added after delivery. For a full list of add-ons and prices, please contact our team using the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. 

Not currently. We do offer an outdoor shower setup standard on all Noke Vans. You can also upgrade to include a on-demand water heater for chilly days…or just because.

There are three ways our power supply system can is designed to charge the house battery in our vans:
  • Running the engine sends power to a 60-amp DC to DC charger for a big boost while driving.
  • A 30-amp power connection powers a converter which charges your batteries when plugged in.
  • Solar panels and the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller are optional, and provide continuous, clean, and free charging whenever your panels are exposed to sunlight.

Heck ya! All Noke Vans come with an ultra-efficient 12 volt refrigerator that runs entirely off the house batteries. Our refrigerators are built-in and include a latching door, modular storage, and a freezer compartment.

For sure! From the top down, Noke Vans use eco-friendly sustainable wool insulation which offers the highest combination of sound dampening, thermal insulation and moisture resistant properties available. Space-efficient foam board insulation is installed in the floors to maintain headroom and provide insulation.

Our vans typically include a dual-burner induction cooktop, which draws power from the battery, and emits less heat that cooking with gas. That’s really good on those summer nights. But we do include a standard kitchen drawer feature that pulls outside the van, and can be upgraded with a dual-burner gas cooktop. 

Let’s talk. While we specialize in the RAM Promaster, we love the idea of new challenges. Plus we don’t like to say “no” to our clients! Hit us up with your ideas and we’ll get to work. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions about you and the van life you’re going for, and then we’ll digitally sketch out a few ideas. Once you’re satisfied with the direction, we can get moving!

Yes! While we primarily have experience with RAM and Mercedes, we’re confident that we can get you living the adventure, whatever the badge on the grill!

There are quite a few reasons why we started with this platform, but the primary two are availability and layout. The ProMaster is the only van wide enough to fit a full-sized bed that’s perpendicular to the van. Sprinters are great as well, just a little narrower and taller.

For sure! Noke Van Co.’s priority is to help you get out and live the adventure. If that’s already started with a van purchase, that’s great. Just let us know what you’re looking to do, and we’ll get going!

Saving the best question for last! We’ll talk about vans and bourbon all day long. Currently that’s a three-way tie between Old Forester 1920, Belle Meade Reserve, and (Virginia’s own) John J. Bowman Single Barrel. Cheers!

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