We believe life is an adventure…and its meant to be shared.

Our families have been doing life together for years. We have much more in common than just being at the back of the alphabet line. From vacations to family dinners to life and faith, we’ve experienced the benefit great partnerships can bring.

That’s why we started Noke Van Co.

We founded Noke Van Co. to build great vans – and to inspire and partner with people to live their adventure! We’re a small company, which means we’re personally and relationally connected to our clients. We love nothing more than to see folks living their dream and sharing their experiences with those they love. It’s also why we focus on building our 2 and 4 occupancy vehicles – because every adventure is better when you share it!

This passion for sharing also inspires the other part of our strategy – to grow adventure and investment in the Roanoke Valley. We love our hometown, and we strive to give back to our community – to bless others as we have been blessed. Our intention is not just to build a thriving business, but to reinvest in our community and inspire others to do the same.

So that’s our story – we live for faith, love and family, to grow our community, and to partner in your adventure!

Meet the vanBlaricoms.

The vanBlaricoms (or vBs for short) have moved around a…but Roanoke is home.  This whole van business started as a stint working in Raleigh and (almost literally) living in a van down by the river. That tiny camper-for-5 experience inspired and continues to inform what we do at Noke Van Co. That time drew their family together and shaped the vision for what we do.

Justin VB is the CEO and driving force behind the business. He has an MBA from the University of Virginia, and wanted to put that to good use and make an impact here in Roanoke.  That’s why we created Noke Van Co. It’s the perfect combination of his desire to drive local business, a deep love for travel, and a passion for his family. You can reach Justin at justin@nokevanco.com.

Keri VB runs point on our sales and service side. She loves connecting with people (she’s never met a stranger!), and makes everyone around  her feel like family. Keri and Justin share a passion for raising their three kids, making a difference in the world, and living life to the full. Send Keri an email at keri@nokevanco.com.

Meet the Yertons.

The Yertons are quite a crew. As a family, one of their deepest values is living life to the full. They always tell their kids that Yerton means “awesome!” in German. It doesn’t, but they want them to live like it does! They are always encouraging one another to embrace risk, step out in faith, and pursue their dreams. They followed theirs here to the Roanoke Valley in 2010, and now to Noke Van Co.!

Where Justin is the driving force behind the business, Josh is the chief designer and product engineer. Josh has a degree  in engineering from the University of Colorado, but spent  most of his professional life as a pastor, counselor, and  freelance craftsman. Josh loves building things, people, and  things for people. Feel free to reach out to Josh at josh@nokevanco.com.

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