Welcome to “The Process.

From the beginning, this has always been about more than a van. It’s about a collaboration. Adventure. Life to the full. ”The Process” makes sure you come away with more than just an awesome vehicle.

We love The Process. This is where Noke Van Co. shines.

Step 1

START UP.  Once you’re ready to roll, just reach out and we’ll reserve a spot for you in the schedule. Then we will go over the van options available to you, from chassis length to layout to basic features. A (insert %, $) will be due to get “The Process” started.

Step 2

VISION & DESIGN. Once we have the basics, we begin with your vision – your preferred lifestyle, van use, fine-tuning the layout, additional features, and aesthetics. You have options! From cabinet faces, to drawer pulls and wall coverings to floors; we create a design board from our library of options you choose. Step 2 concludes with a final van rendering and complete list of chosen components to fit your needs.

Step 3

BUILD. This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Step 3 is the heartbeat of Noke Van Co.  Our team begins the build, crafting everything you need, and keeping you up to speed every step of the way! As we build, we send an end-of-week report card, images included if you so desire, of the progress made on your van! We want you to love the build-out and anticipate the final product just as much as we do!

Step 4

DELIVERY. Expect one final walk-through of the van, a tutorial on how to use its systems and components, and a test drive to get your new adventure started.  Our build team will share all the ins and outs of your van – top to bottom features from how to use your lights to hidden table tops and nightstand nooks.  While it’s a lot to take in at once, we are committed to partnering with you. Give us a call with any questions you have while adventuring and one of our Build Team Techs will assist you.

The Styles.

We know not everyone has the same style. And this is part of what sets Noke Vans apart. We can customize your van with the finishes, colors, and vibe you want. Our two basic formats are the Clean Lines and the Rustic Rambler. Clean Lines goes for a more open, airy, and modern look. Rustic Rambler moves more toward the ”cabin on wheels” feel. Depending on what you’re going for, we will outfit the van so you can ride in your style!

Clean Lines

Small spaces that feel light and airy…that’s what Clean Lines is all about. From natural wood grains to tile features to finished surfaces, we can customize color schemes, hardware, and all the details to make your van feel like home is where you park it.


  • Refined surfaces
  • Classic finishes
  • Light interior palate
  • Enclosed storage

Rustic Rambler

While all our vans focus on being eco-conscious, the RR/BR/H takes that to the next level. Focusing on repurposed and natural materials, more open storage, and a little less refining, this van goes more for warm and cozy vibes for the relaxed adventure.


  • Repurposed materials
  • Live-edge countertops and shelving
  • A rustic/industrial vibe
  • Open storage

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