The Warranty.

At Noke Van Co., we believe it’s about more than just building you a van. It’s about being a partner in your adventure. That means if something goes wrong with the van, we will do everything we can to help. Within reason.

To that point, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our Noke Vans.* That means from the date of delivery, we guarantee all of our craftsmanship for the first 12 months.** Unfortunately, hat doesn’t include third-party products (although we’ll do everything we can to help you work with the manufacturer). When we go over the final walkthrough, we will have you inspect all the craftsmanship. If something isn’t up to snuff, we will fix it. If you find something on the way home, we’ll fix it. If a few months down the line, something rattles loose, makes a funny noise, breaks or stops working…we’ll d our best to fix it and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If you’re near our shop, we can inspect the issue and do our best to fix it there. If you’re on the road, we’ll do what we can to help troubleshoot the problem on FaceTime or over the phone. If we need to, we will ship you a new part.

We believe we’ll build you a great van. But we also see this as a partnership. And if something goes wrong, we want you to be confident we’ll do all we can to make it right!


The Fine Print.

We hate fine print. But need to include a little more clarity on a couple of things from above.

*The Disclaimer: his warranty does have its limits. It doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear. Which hopefully there will be a lot of because you’re enjoying the heck out of your van. It also doesn’t include you breaking something by improper use (not sayin’, just sayin’). Other things like neglecting maintenance, cosmetic issues that develop over time, or damage from accidents, environmental exposure, or acts of God aren’t included in the warranty either. As we said above, third party or secondary market purchases also are not included in the warranty.

** The Promise: While the warranty is for the first year of ownership, we really do believe this is a partnership. So if something breaks beyond the one-year mark – let us know. We may not be able to fix it for free, but we’ll work with you to get it fixed as soon and as inexpensively as possible.

One last word: Other than listed above, Noke Van Co. makes no other warranties – express or implied – regarding the final product. In purchasing a Noke Van, the Customer agrees that any liability, claims or damages shall be limited to the price of the work/product(s), and fully waives all other damages that the Customer may have.

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